Message from the General Chair

    On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am delighted to welcome you to the 20th anniversary of the IEEE International SoC Conference (SOCC 2007).  As perhaps a sign of the times, this year marks the first time SOCC is held outside the United States.  At the same time, however, our goals remain consistent. This 2007 conference will focus on developing low-power, cost-effective, design methodology and SOC systems and applications for increased productivity.

    Driven by the rapid growth of the Internet, wireless communications, and pervasive computing, the integration of an entire VLSI system onto a single silicon chip has brought revolutionary changes to consumers and businesses alike and has increasingly become a requirement.  The proliferation of System-on-Chip (SoC) devices is evidenced by the ubiquity of mobile phones, portable music players, set-top boxes, digital cameras and the like. The design and manufacturing of SoC systems have become the enabling force behind the drive towards even smaller, faster, and cheaper semiconductor devices.

    SOCC 2007 provides a forum for sharing recent progress and discussing new challenges in SoC design, bringing together experts from both industry and academia to discuss and solve critical hardware and software issues in SoC technologies.  We are fortunate to be joined by two distinguished colleagues, Dr. Thanh Tran of Texas Instruments and Professor Sao-Jie Chen of National Taiwan University.  Being the Technical Program Chair and Co-Chair respectively, they have arranged a rich and rewarding program for all of us.  We are also excited to welcome distinguished keynote speaker, Dr. Jackson Hu, Chairman and CEO of United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), two plenary speakers, Mr. Dave Holt, President and CEO of Lightspeed Logic, and Professor Heinrich Meyr, Aachen University of Technology, along with our luncheon speaker, Dr. Sheng-Chun (Paul) Lo, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Synopsys.

    In closing, thank you to the members of the Organizing, Technical Program, and Local Committees.  I am grateful for your generous contribution of time and efforts in making this conference a success.  For conference attendees, thank you for your continued support to the SOCC.  I wish you a productive and enjoyable visit in Hsinchu, Taiwan!

Wei Hwang
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
General Chair of SOCC 2007

Suhwan Kim
Seoul National University, Korea
General Co-Chair of SOCC 2007